2016 0904 Learn to reduce disaster risk

Visiting Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center on Sep.4, 2016.


Celebrating together for the Cub 100th Anniversary

Celebrating together for the Cub 100th Anniversary by the greeting photo of U.S. and Japan scouts on April 2, 2016, at Tama Hills, Japan.


SAJ BSA-FEC(Japan) Kanto Area Pinewood Derby 2016

Pinewood Derby(PWD) and Day Camp program for scouts of BSA and SAJ was held at Tama Hills in Kawasaki, Japan, on April 2, 2016.
BSA: Boy Scouts of America (Far East Council - Asia East District)
SAJ : Scout Association of Japan (Kanagawa, Saitama)
Through this joint program for scouts of U.S. and Japan, they build up friendship and exchange of cultures through the activities.
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4月2日(日)、川崎の多摩ヒルズにて「BAS & SAJ Pinewood Derby 決勝関東大会」と「Day Camp」が開催されました。
カブを対象としたDay CampとPWDの同時開催は、今年が初めての試みですが、神奈川や埼玉などでは、毎年PWDに参加するだけではなく、他の交流プログラムもBSAのスカウト達と実施しています。


Postcard Swap

Year 2016 is 100th Anniversary of Cub, established in 1916.  Also, it is 30th Anniversary for Beavers in England.

We are celebrating this anniversaries together with scouts of the world and participating in the postcard swap program initiated from England.

 To celebrate together

 Postcards are arriving

 Postcards send are displayed (1)

  Postcards send are displayed (2)

Beavers have sent out also 

 Post drop by Beavers

 We are waiting these postcaards

Taking postcards to drop by Beavers


Yoshima Tenjin 2015 Autumn

[Japanese Culture]

November 3rd is an holiday in Japan, Bunka-no-hi (Culture day).

It was so beautiful autumn day, and after my private business,
I visited Yushima Tenjin in Tokyo, Japan.

There were Chrysanthemum Festival and 
many kinds of Chrysanthemum displayed in shrine's ground.

Also, there were Chrysanthemum Dolls that is becoming 
a traditional culture today.

Enjoy those beautiful photo !!


Introducing Yokohama 87 - Cub pack


Group of Yokohama 87 was established in 1973 and located in Totsuka area of Yokohama, Japan.

Our group is consisted of over 100 scouts, leaders and other group staff members.  

We are looking forward to communicate with scouts in the world and establish Global Scout Network.

 Groups motto is We are NO.1” 

Cubs and Scouts have participated JOTA-JOTI 2015 (Oct.16-18) and made video chat with many scout groups, in and out of Japan.


1. Video from JOTA-JOTI 2015

(*) Scouts exchanged in singing songs.  
Can you sing a song you like, so we can hear it?

Original Contact Card (similar to QSL card)

 Participation Card to our contacts

2. Introducing Special Talent by Cubs (Video)

(*) Can you also tell us about your "Special Talent."


3. Greeting Video from Yokohama 87 Cubs

(*) We would like to know about your activities.

4. Home Stay of Icelandic Contingent

After 23rd World Scout Jamboree (23WSJ), Scouts from Iceland visited us and they experienced Home Stay in Kanagawa.  

We also had Re-Union communication with Icelandic scouts during JOTA-JOTI 2015.

Longer version of video available at (24 min) :

5. Japanese Culture from Icelandic Farewell Reception

(*) Can you introduce your culture to us?

6. Dancing during intermission of Reception

(*) Can you show us of what you may be best at?

 We will looking forward to have 

 active communication with you !!