New Year Greeting 2015 from Japan

UNICEF Donation by Yokohama 87 (Japan)

This time of year, at end of year, scouts go out the town and call for donation to the UNICEF.  

Cubs and Beavers from Yokohama 87 have participated with this activity this year also and received many worm support from those people.

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We see you all at the JOTA-JOTI 2014 - Yokohama 87

We will be making the contacts by Skype, email and SNS (Facebook) at coming JOTA-JOTi 2014 (Oct. 18-19, 2014).  So, we will looking forward to hearing from you all.

More messages are posted at the Facebook "JOTA-JOTI Kanagawa Japan."

                Album of Yokohama 87 at Facebook

Also, in below, the video message from our Beavers.