We see you all at the JOTA-JOTI 2014 - Yokohama 87

We will be making the contacts by Skype, email and SNS (Facebook) at coming JOTA-JOTi 2014 (Oct. 18-19, 2014).  So, we will looking forward to hearing from you all.

More messages are posted at the Facebook "JOTA-JOTI Kanagawa Japan."

                Album of Yokohama 87 at Facebook

Also, in below, the video message from our Beavers.


Peace Starts with Me - Yokohama 87 (Video Message)

”Peace Start with Me" slide video to send out the peace messages from Yokohama Group 87 in Japan.

世界平和デーのプロジェクト「平和は私たちから始まる」の動画スライド(ボーイスカウ­ト横浜第87団)  (2014.9)


2014 Asia Special Jamboree at Incheon, Korea

More report and photo will be received from the contingent party (many may be after they have returned from the Jamboree) .


Peace Starts with Me - Yokohama 87 (Selfie)

Selfie of Scouts with Peace Message

We share our pray for peace with the world!


World Scout Scarf Day 2014 (Aug.1)

On August 1, all active and former scouts wear their scout scarfs in public to make the "spirit of scouting" visible.

The Japan Contingent for 3rd CJK Venture Co-operative Project have left from Haneda Airport to Taiwan.  They will work together with the scouts of Taiwan and South Korea in this project.


Original Participation Card is available to those of who have participated this scout scarf program and forward its photo.


PINEWOOD DERBY 2014 was held


SAJ KANTO AREA PINEWOOD DERBY 2014 (“PINEWOOD DERBY 2014”) was held on May 17, Saturday, at the John O. Arne Elementary School in Sagamihara Housing Area.

This PINEWOOD DERBY 2014 is a final race for BSA groups from the Asia East District of Far East Council and SAJ groups from Saitama, Tokyo and Kanagawa Councils.  Including the scouts who have qualified for this final race from their local race, there were over 400 people attended this big event. 

Flag ceremony of US-style by the representative

The pinewood cars which were made by scouts and won their local races are registered for each group class and a car number was assigned.

Cars that have passed through the qualifying

All cars raced in turn each four lanes. The time was taken for each car by computer and its result was displayed on a wall screen immediately.  Scouts watched the race with excitement and cheered. 

Scouts were engrossed in the races to compete
one-hundredth of a second

Top three for each group class won the award and received trophies and certificates.  

Smiles of scouts are great

Along with pinewood derby, there were also the corners of experiencing Japanese Tradition by Japanese leaders.  

Traditional ORIGAMI and
making Japanese KABUTO (Helmet), et al

 The scouts have spent a pleasant and great day of racing and meeting with scouts from other groups and experiencing different cultures.

Scouts who have enjoyed this Pinewood Derby are hoped to challenge again in next year. 

           SAJ : Scout Association of Japan
           BSA : Boy Scouts of America